“About the Coronavirus” and Wallstreet / Stock Markets in General + Video: Noam Chomsky: Requiem for the American Dream

The CoronaVirus does not seem to be the “Big Bang”. It shakens world governments and economy anyway. Why is it? It is the reason, that people do not build their house on the rock, which is Jesus. Yesterday, Billions of Dollars “evaporated”



Jesus cancelled the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands. 


Have this following text about stock markets, governments, religions and calendars automatically translated in your language.



We can see that the stars are falling 
from the sky by looking at simple 
things that government officials have 
not been able to resolve simple problems 
in recent years. For years they have 
seemed apathetic, haphazard, without 
wisdom, reactive instead of proactive, 
and are unable to solve even 
simple problems. Added to this are the 
new special lessons, such as the 
alleged climate change, gender 
madness and all the madness and stupidity
that has recently been trumpeted around 
the world. We can also see a certain 
overreaction from the virus. 
The nations were by no means 
prepared for it, now one overreacts. 
Other than that, people are not 
told that the cause of this viral 
plague is sin through godlessness.


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