Way to success: Consistency + common mistakes

As I mentionend in previous articles, if one wishes to change his future he has to focus continously and not to doubt. Stay with it for a year and the mind will change. You will change your thoughts, which is most important.

For me as a born again Christian, I chose God through Jesus Christ first, he his my life and my king. He is the center of my life, not this world. Not lifestyle or money. But, my intention is to make people think about him and the Bible.

Here are two Videos to choose :

The 3 best habits of rich people – Dan Lok 

Todd White – The power of the Cross 

In fact, we can have both. We can become rich and be Christians. It is a lie of Religion, false churches and from the devil, that it is being said Christians would have to be poor. The poorest born again Christian in this world in fact, is richer than the richest man on this earth, spiritually. He has eternal life and he chose God. He will have a place in heaven with God. He has Christian family worldwide. He can ask God for help any time. He can pray for people in the world.


The way to success with your company is this:

  • work 35-50 hours a week
  • be friendly and polite
  • invest most of the money you earn in the company
  • wait 3-5 years
  • do not invest in bad seed that cannot thrive
  • watch nature and how plants grow, they need good earth, water, fresh air, light and love

Being successful is very easy in fact. It is only a question and a matter of belief. Most people do not believe, they doubt. The next mistake is “they talk with others about all of their ideas”, people, who are in fact not concerned, family members, friends. The only person that should be concerned is the spouse.

Talking to much: this is a huge and common mistake. The next mistake is to talk about the success and about money. The next mistake is to not take time off. People tend to make their little company some kind of religion. They are at work almost 20 hours per day, because they make their family become the company and because they always and everywhere talk about company issues.




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