How to make Manna Bread

What was Manna

In order to make Manna Bread, we need to see the following:

Jesus is the Bread of life

We need to be born again

(comment after the post: Yeshua told me by giving me thoughts, that it is for this bread not essential to be reborn) It is essential to see eternal life, to be born again.

We need to make a bread, that Yeshua may bless. Pray to Yeshua and to the father in Heaven to bless the bread.

We must not sin.

The bread should be made in the morning. Throughout the day, pray for people, do not sin, be holy the entire day. Do not moan, be thankful. Ask God to be with you and to guide you throughout the day. In the evening, taste the bread.

It should taste like honey bread / bread with honey. This bread should taste better than the best honey you could ever imagine. Do it several times this way and “transfer” this experience to your life, of how it could be, if one would be holy the entire life, which will not be possible, as we still sin, but the aim and the goal is to know, how the Gospel works and changes our life.
































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