How to get rich

How to get rich

This following explanation is the key to get rich, when we consider / see the worldly way. Today, it is in fact easy to become rich. It is another time and we have possibilities, that humanity has never seen before.

For the basics, you need to read all previous articles.

The key to get rich is “do not think about the way it will become reality”. People want to become rich and the false path is to think about how “he / she could do it” and then they make plans and so forth.

The key is “focus” and this means you will have to study articles about how people became wealthy and how they had success. Just read it for a while, letˋs say one year. You save time somewhere else, save this time and spend it to invest this time in your life and read books and articles of how people became successful.

Before, I wondered why most of the Movies where about drama, lying and hate and there is almost never harmony. This is sickening people and they are being programmed to a worldly life by this negative input so Hollywood in fact must be seen as oneˋs personal enemy. Not as a friend. The same with Mass Media. Mass Media is a false friend and newspapers are mostly wolves in sheepˋs clothing. Same with Religion. Recognize these false Media in your life, these enemies. Recognize them and withdraw your energy / time from it, make them go away by withdrawing your energy from it.

Getting rich: You will have to be disciplined by doing it (reading about it) and you must not talk to other people about it, because they will probably not support you in this matter and then your secret is no secret anymore and then you could have the first fights within your personal environment because people influence you to the point that you stay regardless / neutral / indifferent to this. If they were to influence you to do better, why donˋt they tell you not to read mass media anymore or to not always watch TV or not to watch crime movies or not to play xbox all day.

Forward this article, if you will, if you have a partner, who is looking for the same or equal answers. You will have to work it out together, it is important of how both of you think. Otherwise it will not work out on the long run.

Please keep in mind, that in the last articles, I spoke about the Biblical point of view, the Biblical truth, what being rich actually really means, from Godˋs point of view. But, as I said in the title of this site “Luxury and Lifestyle changes the way you think” and we want to find out both.

In order to become rich, we have to be capable of thinking in different perpectives and we need to be capable of changing the way we think from one moment to another.

The most important step is

Think about the way you think and think about what you think and what you say. This sums up to what you believe and that is your belief-system that you have. It often comes from outside, your personal environment.

Become more flexible in matters of how you think. An example:

“People think and believe, there is no God”. This mindset is the result of a life without God.

“Yeshua believers believe in God”. This is the resulf of a life with God or the faith of a “newcomer”.

It is only a question of being flexible in the way we think and believe.

The answer to the question above: One must be right and one is wrong. In order to solve this problem, we can even prove the fact, that Yeshua believers are right and that non-believers or believers in False Jesusses by Religion or Spirituality are wrong. But this is not the subject for now.

As I mentioned, try to become more flexible and in doing, this means

to also read articles in other languages.

Have this text translated automatically with google

The article talks about how a man became wealthy by work. I believe, that it is a simple and good article. Please read what he did about his job he did not like.

at the bottom of the article is a link – 3 success secrets of the “super-rich”.

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