Where can I invest on the long term.

In Western Europe we will see a rising market for electric rollers, scooters and electric bikes. These electric vehicles run with batteries. These batteries must be produced. The “electric movement” is not to regard as a move forward to “clean environment”, but people will use it anyway, because people tend to “jump on such trains” after a while.

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How to

One should solely invest money that is not needed for about 10-15 years.

Read articles about how to invest in stocks.

Read previous articles about where to not invest (bitcoin) and read and keep in mind the story of the rich people of Nauru. The story of Nauru is somehow the story of this world in miniature.

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Financially independent from a biblical perspective would mean: Read the  Bible Proverbs and be able to pray to Jesus and to have a personal relationship to him and to live out of faith.

A stock market will only make you dependent from this world. It will only give you “the hope of the rising market”. What, if it plunges. In Bible Revelation 18, Babylon will be destroyed.

Read “Matthew 7 and in particular try to understand “The Wise and the Foolish Builders”.




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