The coming “New World Order” – Blockchain Technology – Economic Pressure System.

picture source: Pinterest


Bible Prophecy tells us about the future of this world. It will bring up a fourth Reich, which is rising these years. This Reich will force people to take the mark of the beast. See the Bible for more details. This world will then finally end when Yeshua comes back.

These days we hear a lot of war rumors around the world, as described in Matthew 24.

We can see this Reich coming through the Environment proctection movement, which is brainwashed through Mass Media “talking about congestion pricing” for example to enter cities by car (money is their God / the world is their God / they are their own God and want to rule the world – antichristian). The key and door opener for this fourth reich is technology and climate change brainwash, so the necessary measurements can be taken to force people and implement these ideas by law.

The blockchain technology will play a major role in this “game”. People, who do invest in blockchain will be “the rulers of this world” for the price of their soul. For the future: repent to Jesus, do not look for power, do not invest in blockchain technologies. I recently warned about Bitcoin, meaning blockchain technology in general and crypto currencies.


Environmentlists wonˋt be happy, until humans are extinkt.




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