Before Babylon, beyond Bitcoin.

35 years ago, the world saw the first handheld mobile phone.

The 1G to 2G Generation in the 90s. At first, nobody wanted these phones. People thought, they would not need it and it was somehow seen arrogant to have “such a thing”.


Bitcoin: It is not money it is magic of Babylon like the Mobile Phones. Show a smartphone to a Christian in the 12 Century or 100 years ago, he would tell you “this is magic and witchcraft” – “away with this”.

But, people are weak and they tend to be overcome by new inventions and so people thought about it and they got accustomed to it. Nowadays it is common to have a smartphone. Watch people in the train, how many solely watch their smarphone. Sometimes it may be more than 30 Percent of the people.

This is sickening society and my belief is, that human history has already ended with this invention. So, it should be a logical step to repent and to become a child of God through believing in Jesus Christ, as this “world society” found its end with the smartphone already, this world is of no hope for the future.

And, there is no other way out of this world to eternal life than to repent zu Jesus (Yeshua). There is no other way out. Religion does not work. It is useless. Most of the people who pretend to be Christians: they are not. It is their problem, if they do not want to learn, not ours.

Spiritually, this world is dead and it will not recover from this dead. So, it wonˋt be a great loss, when Babylon will fall within Revelation 16-18 and that this world will find its end more or less withhin the next decades.

When it took about 15-30 years to get accustomed to the Mobile Phone and to become dependent from it, why should it then be different with the smartphone payment, the digital chip as the mark of the beast? Do you really believe that peopleˋs mind and heart will change “but for this time we reject this?”

NO. People will not reject it, they will only see the advantage and not the disadvantages because for the moment there will be no negative consequences be seen, but later it will lead to sickness, see Bible Revelation 16 for this. Read about what will happen to people that take the mark of the beast.

The story is: people with the mark of the beast will not go to heaven. They will lose their soul by this and miss eternal life with Jesus. Jesus will be in Heaven, Christians will be in heaven. He, whose name is not written in the Book of Life according to the Bible, will NOT ENTER HEAVEN.

The internet was created, with this came the techshares. With the internet and the techshares people got very rich. It will be the same with crypto currencies but far more intense as all of the worlds money will switch to this. It could become a new world hype and make people blind because money (new Gold) rush makes people blind and they start to lose their mind.

As the dollar is going to fall and all dept systems have seen their end already, states need crises (plural, several) to solve this and the mechanics has always been “send populations to war” and start a war and finally, you can build another money system, which will be the crypto money.

Before or while all of this will be happening in the world “rumors of wars” the rich will SWITCH AND TRANSFER THEIR MONEY TO SAVE HEAVENS: FOR THE TIME BEING THEY ARE STILL DOUBTING ABOUT CRYPTO BUT THIS WILL CHANGE AND THEY WILL FIND A WAY TO TAKE THIS OVER AND TO FIND AND CREATE THE SYSTEM THAT WILL MAKE IT SECURE AND THIS One WOULD BE backed up by WORK POWER: Human resource: manpower. It will take some time, but they will be working on it in the background together with Politicians and people who own the economic political system. It is not a conspiracy it is a logical step of weak people that love money power and wealth more than God and this false and anti christ love makes them blind for anything else.

Compound Interest lead to Globalism, compound Interest will bring the war over the nations and over the world. It is a built-in function of it. To stop it, compound interest would have to be forbidden.

When people read text like such and they believe in a special Religion, that interdicts compound interest they are proud. When they hear about to tithe they are proud “because it is part of their Religion”.

Religion does not save anyone. Through the Religion of the Orient I am talking about, they do not even know that they break the first commandment and that they bow their knees to Baal, to the devil.

The confession of faith by Orient Religion is believing in a wrong God, the devil. And, they do not even know it. Most of the believers of the Orient Religion have never read their own book. The devil does not lead them to do this because he does not want them to know it because if they knew what is written in it, they would be able to compare with the Bible and then see, that the Book of Orient Religion is full of lies.

Remember the coming “changes”:

So, there will be a time, when the governments will lie to you and mass media too. Either war will come or the banking system has fallen and went bancrupt. The elites in the background will more or less want / need this in order to install the new world order with one world religion and one world currency.



picture source: pinterest published through the appropriate sites / owners / followers

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