Why singles on the long run will not succeed. Understanding the mechanics of life.

Human beings are social beings. We need one another. Some have family, some have friends. Some are married, some are not and do not want to get married.

According to the Bible, a Christian, who has been reborn spiritually, he can stay single or marry. Some are capable of being married, some are not. Matthew 19,12.

What do I want to say. If one is single in this life, supposedly he has no real relationship to his family, he has no real friends, he then also has no real strength for the “battle of life”.

When we are Christians and reborn, we have God through Jesus Christ. We are not alone. If there is no real family, we have God and we have Christians as our family. And: we have prayer. We can ask God.

Even then, when people believe in God and do not know Jesus yet, God often hears these thoughts. The key: When you say: Jesus is God, then you are on the right path. If you believed in God and if you asked God in your thoughts, you meant Jesus, you thought of him and asked him, without knowing, unless you believe in a Religion, where Jesus is not God, then you did not “call the real Jesus”. Jesus is God, John 1.

But, he, who does not believe and does not repent and he who is not Christian, he does not have the basis for the struggle of life on the long run, he cannot win this battle without having friends, family, the partner. A man / woman with family has the personal relationship and strength through this, others through their partner, but the key to wealth and success is the family / spouse and therefore the family / partner should support you and you should support and encourage your spouse / family too.


The key to success is not money or how much do I earn by a job or in a career. The key to success is friendliness and the partner / family. As a partner “we give”

Giving is a “mechanic of life”, this is how this universe works.



Being honest

“we all know that”

Then, people ask “how Do I find a partner”. We Christians do not have such partner-relationships, we get married or we stay single but then we must have a Christian community as family.

How do I find the partner for life. It is this way – the inside way. The first thing is to see, what kind of clothes do I wear (honest and modest) and do I have a job. The basis to finding a partner is not to look for a partner, but to have your own life – meaning a good work, a work in general and to subdue / cultivate oneself.

The Bible teaches cultivation to friendliness and to being honest and to endure things. To forgive and to be “holy” by having forgiveness of sin. The cultivation through the Bible by its teachings will make a new person, regardless from where someone comes / came from.

The final key to success for couples / married people is the Bible and its teachings through for example the 10 commandments. The Bible means: Education for both and for the children.





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