What about Bitcoin “Is it money?” What about Tattoos. “Wealth as a mode of expression of what Money? Success? Power? Whatˋs the answer. Do you know?

Bitcoin and other fictional currencies according to the Bible mean: Sin. So, we cannot use it, we must not use it. Bitcoin is no money, it is magic. It is magic like digital fiat money.

One can have luck and earn a lot and all of a sudden, everything goes down. It may work for 20 years, but it can break down any time and there will be no real solution than to accept the loss. The origin and reason is sin. It is not what finally happens. It has to be seen spiritually.

Such things can hurt a lot but people need to learn from it. The Bible also makes it clear: Avoid dept.

This is a physical world and it is always better to do things physically. It means having contact to other people and to work with other people together and not against each other. The Bible makes it clear: Be friendly and polite by heart. This alone will change peopleˋs life. This is part of the homework of “becoming rich and wealthy”. It is not the money, that makes you rich it is the way you treat people and each other and money will then be a result of your doing if one thinks like it. Money should be a result of your good seed. Wealth in general is a result of good seed. Or to be modest / humble is an expression of being healthy / wealthy / saturated / satisfied inside. 

This world is the world of temptation. There is us: the donkeys and there is the carrot. The carrot is “the cars” and “the mansions” and “the power” and “the success”, we see it / hear from it / are being told about it and then one day we want it. Or we deny wanting it.

Anyway, we need to see it this way to get free. We must not become slaves of material and luxury and of this world. We have luxury, we do not have it, either way, do not become slave of this world from the inside and when we are free by such way of thinking it starts to make fun and it can grow inside, that we love to think “the wealthy way” or “being rich”.

It is everyday homework: Think rich and think yourself wealthy, be friendly and associate this with teachings from the Bible.

See what it says at the bottom of the coin (picture below), it is sin and it is foolish and unwise. “Money is their God”. Biblically translated it means: “selling someones / his soul to the Money God” or “bowing to the earth” or to “Baal” – like “climate change” which means bowing down to this world “this world is their God” – “Mother Earth Theories” which is wrong and which are teachings from the Devil and from demons.

Climate change is the Biblical Revelation Time and who created this earth and gave the sea its boundaries.

1.Mose 1

And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

Yeshua is King. He answered like this, when he was asked. A king has a kingdom. But where is his kingdom, when he said, that his kingdom is not of this world. So, forget about what is going on in Israel if the news / governments keep pushing this subject see it from a biblical perspective that all Jews and Israelites and all people of this earth are supposed to come to the cross, to surrender and bow down under Jesus on the cross to repent to be reborn and to receive eternal life as a gift of God through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was here 2.000 years ago. Everything that had to be done, he did it. He rose from the dead. Now, he is next to the father in heaven to his right.

Study Bible
Romans 11

The Remnant of Israel
3“Lord, they have killed Your prophets and torn down Your altars. I am the only one left, and they are seeking my life as well”? 4 And what was the divine reply to him? “I have reserved for Myself seven thousand men who have notbowed the knee to Baal.” 5In the same way, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace.

So, it will always be like this until the end of the world, some people listen, some do not. Some are wise, some think they are wise but we must not forget it is not always the same time for everybody in his life, that means, everybody has other targets or times of learning and because of this we should be friendly.

Bitcoin could lead people to the Mark of the Beast.

See this


So, avoid tattoos because it is meant to acclimatize people / adapt people in mind to this, so they could / would accept it one day physically. Read Revelation 16. In order not to being afraid, one needs to read the New Testament from beginning to the end. Do not “jump” in between, because this is the wrong way of reading the Bible and for this reason many people have Bibles, but they do not read it. They think, that “This book” could or would not help people. They do not understand, that it is the Word of God and that God wrote it using the hands of apostles and prophets.

Man has a more or less negative attitude towards God because most of the people do not know God, they believe in a false God, the Devil, the ruler of this world. 

Therefore, Jesus (Yeshua) was here to make it clear and show people who God is.

Study Bible

Belief and Unbelief
44Then Jesus cried out, “Whoever believes in Me does not believe in Me alone, but in the One who sent Me. 45And whoever sees Me sees the One who sent Me. 46I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in Me should remain in darkness.…

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Why singles on the long run will not succeed, understanding “the mechanics of life”.


Change your mind, smile. If you do not smile, someone controls you, maybe your life, maybe the past. Let go. Forgive. Forget and let go. Make people free from the past. Do not make people slaves of their past. Forgive every day. Forget anginess from yesterday. Watch out for this day. Do not judge the day beforehand. Do not think like that. Leave it open with a positive attitude. Smile.

You do not want to smile. Ok “grrrrrrhhhhh” – “gggrrhhdhdhhdhdh”


Now, you smile.

No Bitocoin Carrots please. Bad food. Bad seed, bad food.



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