Books, you may want to read in addition.

I recommend the following books (see below) in addition to reading the Bible, the aim is to evaluate in which way people of this world consider wealth in relation to what the Bible reveals.

Then we must understand Jesus did feed 5.000.


He began with only “five barley loaves and two fish,” borrowed from a boy’s lunch.

This means, we do not need “power food” or “energy drinks” to give us more energy or power. We only need to have faith and read his word consistently and then we / people will be saturated.

Money questions: We must not say, that we do not need money, we must say, that we need money earned by work to pay our bills. Money is the currency in this world. So, one needs money to pay invoices.

Especially for Christians it is important to say yes or no. Not to doubt, but to say yes or no. We must not say no, because then, God does not give. He hears us and he gives, when we ask him.

People do it the wrong way. They ask but then they do not believe, which is wrong. Faith and believe is the most important characteristic in this matter.

Between the prayer and the fulfillment there is time. The time means “have faith” and live by faith and do not doubt.

Matthew 7

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you


The books, one may wish to read in addition:

Larry Winget – Itˋs called work for a reason

T. Harv Eker – Secrets of Millionaire Mind

Jack Nasher – Deal

Dale Carnegie – How to stop worrying and start living.


Sure, Tony Robbins will be criticized but the Bible says, that the children of this world are more intelligent in matters of finance and money than Christians are. He is right. One day, after many years, I began to understand, that God always gave me, what I wanted /wished even, and also before I became Christian, because I repented. I also began to understand, that my thinking lead me to wrong paths and that I had been somewhat under control of mass media for quite a while – which leads to crisis and negative! – but I read it in order to gain more knowledge of what this world is about. I would not stop searching for the meaning of life and then I was awakened by Christians, Jesus had sent them to me / me to them to give me the compass of life and that is Jesus: The Truth. The Gospel. The 10 commandments.

He answered my thoughts by this. Jesus knows all of our thoughts. Then, during the time of getting to know Jesus and the Father in heaven and his grace, I realized that my focus will lead me in a direction anyway. So, for me it means to stop reading Mass Media by all means. This is to protect oneself. We do not lead this world, God does.

God leads this world, but he allowed the devil to do what he does.

Man has free will to decide. Man is adult and he knows things. God wants to be found.

Put into consideration, that this is the time of Bible Revelation. It is a time, when the crisis in the world will increase in order for man to search for answers and this will bring him to the Gospel. On the other hand, many people are mislead by Religions and false teachers and false prophets, who only look for this world and to gain power.

Search for things and answers in this world: own works: Religion

Search for changing the inside: Gospel.

The reason why I setup this blog is because through my job, I have the ability to become wealthy and I worked very hard in this life to have these abilities and I must see fruits: success and good fruits come from good seed.

We must have success in life, otherwise we do not know, what we live for. But a life without God does not make sense at all.







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